BRUCE JEFFERS, Councilperson, City of Bowling Green

“Old buildings are inadequate. A central campus is much cheaper and has some educational advantages.Potential new residents, largely millennials, avoid communities that do not provide adequate school facilities. We have good teachers but they are hamstrung by poor facilities.

The tax mechanisms in place spread the overall costs of education as fairly as possible.

The State of Ohio counts our BGSU population against us, so as to provide an unusually reduced amount of state support, requiring us to pay more of the overall costs locally.

My children recently graduated from BG schools. Someone else paid for their facilities. It is time for me to pay for the next generation.”


“Good schools are one of the best economic development investments a community can make. Good schools are a benefit to everyone in the community. Not just the students.”

SANDY ROWLAND, Realtor, Council-Person-At-Large, City of Bowling Green

I urge you to support our school levy. Our current facilities are old and our children deserve a better educational environment. These facilities have deteriorating foundations and antiquated plumbing and heating systems. We compete with our neighboring communities as a place for families to select to live and we are at a disadvantage in terms of attracting new families to town due to our outdated and failing school buildings. I believe that the future of Bowling Green is at stake and that our city needs to pass the school levy this May. 

JOHN ZANFARDINO, 2nd Ward Councilperson, Bowling Green

“I encourage the people of Bowling Green to support the school bond issue on the May 8th ballot. Our teachers and administrators are doing the best they can given the state government’s continued failure to adequately support Bowling Green and our schools. I support this measure to provide better learning environments for our students, reduce any current inequities in educational resources, and attract more families, businesses, and workers to Bowling Green.”

DANIEL GORDON, 1st Ward City Councilperson, Bowling Green

Letters to the Editor


To The Editor: 

I have watched with interest the debate about supporting Bowling Green City School’s 6-mill bond issue for a consolidated elementary school and renovations/addition to the high school. I know from personal experience how emotional things can get when considering closing “neighborhood” elementary schools for a new, consolidated elementary building. We struggled with a similar issue when the Otsego Board of Education made the decision to consolidate three community elementary schools on to a centralized campus. We built a consolidated elementary building, but only after months of debating the issue in an emotionally charged atmosphere.

Getting to that point was not easy. However, the new elementary building has had positive impacts.

  • Elementary students are being educated in state-of-the-art facilities with the latest educational tools which help increase student learning. Research has shown that children learn better and achieve higher test results when being educated in state-of-the-art facilities.
  • Teachers can incorporate the strategy of team teaching. Teachers interact with each other daily to ensure that the quality of instruction is as consistent as possible in each classroom. When only seeing each other on a limited basis under a de-centralized system, that format allows for many inconsistencies when trying to teach a standardized curriculum.
  • Students begin to bond from the first day and become Bowling Green students and not a kindergartner, from Crim, Conneaut, or Kenwood. This bonding and the breaking down of labels from being a student from a certain elementary school is invaluable. School pride will increase!
  • Staff are energetic and excited when given the tools necessary to do their job. I don’t think you can begin to measure the positive benefits this has on the children.
  • There are numerous efficiencies that are gained from consolidating buildings.

Giving up the neighborhood elementary school is not easy because of the sentimental emotions tied to those facilities. However, students deserve to be educated in state-of-the-art facilities that these older elementary buildings cannot accommodate. Unfortunately, to bring those current buildings to the level necessary to ensure children are getting the best education, tends to be cost prohibitive.

Please vote yes in May and support the students of Bowling Green City Schools. Now that Otsego has a new consolidated elementary school, I have heard very few people, if any, who would say doing that was a mistake.

James (Jamie) Harter, PhD

Otsego Board Member


To The Editor

The League of Women Voters Bowling Green is endorsing the Bowling Green City Schools bond issue and urges voters to vote FOR the issue.

The League of Women Voters thoroughly studies issues to better understand our community and its resources. Based on what we have learned, we reach a consensus, establish a written position and take action in support of that position. Education is one of our oldest and strongest positions. This position was re-studied in 2013 and re-adopted in 2016. The League supports “sufficient funding for and accountability of programs and facilities at all levels.”

The proposed levy will not only affect the quality of education for current students, but the character of our community. Educational requirements continue to change, and we are confident that the BG City Schools have carefully studied a variety of options to determine the most cost-effective facilities best suited to meet those requirements for decades to come. Good schools make strong communities.

Lee Hakel

President, League of Women Voters of Bowling Green

Lee McLaird

Past-President, League of Women Voters of Bowling Green

Maria Simon

Co-Chair, Education Committee, League of Women Voters of Bowling Green

Ellen Dalton

Co-Chair, Education Committee, League of Women Voters of Bowling Green

To The Editor 

Posted on 4-25-18

Pay it forward for the kids


We support our kids. Do you?


Our democracy defends the freedom of speech but the  personal attacks that Mr. Chamberlain brought against Mr. Scruci and the  school board members at the last meeting were offensive. To insinuate  that this team does not give 100 percent support for the kids and school  system or that they have some personal agenda is ridiculous. The school  board remained cordial, quiet and professional during this rant. I  applaud them. We could all learn from their composure. When you have a  factual argument, Mr. Chamberlain, we could debate that. In the  meantime, be respectful of the people that we, including you, elected  and let them do their job.

It is clear Mr. Chamberlain’s organization; “Citizens  for lower property taxes” is putting themselves above the needs of the  children, the schools and the community. Their sole purpose is to block  raising any tax that affects them. Admirable, but short sighted and  self-serving. They are trying to confuse you by talking about “income  taxes” and “historic buildings” at BGSU, the police station and city  building. None are relevant to the bond levy. Do they think Conneaut is a  “historic” building? Perhaps I missed the marbled columns and grand  atrium during the seven years I went there (50+ years ago).

Thank goodness the generations before us were brave  enough to ensure the community surrounds and supports its school system.  Thank goodness the generations before us were smart enough to realize  the need to fund the schools even if it hurt a little. Thank goodness  the generations before us were thoughtful enough that kids should have  better facilities and teachers to enhance their learning. Thank goodness  the generations before us were humble enough to put the kids before  self.

Lisa and I support the bond levy, the school board, administrators, teachers and the kids. You should too.

It’s time OUR generation pays it forward.

David and Lisa Codding

Bowling Green

To The Editor

Posted on 4-25-18

Schools Board Deserves Apology

I attended the  school board meeting on Thursday, April 19. I am now trying to  understand why the people who spoke against the May bond issue felt they  had to speak with such mean-spirited hostility. Some went so far as to  make false accusations about the motives and integrity of the board … a  board that serves tirelessly and selflessly to steer our school system  in a positive direction to improve the well-being of our students.

These people owe the citizens of Bowling Green and the board an apology. Their hateful means do not justify their selfish ends.


Diane Vogtsberger

Bowling Green